hello, internet.

just a quick update on my mental status. basically, i feel more whole and capable than ever before. every day, i learn or do something new that illuminates a new aspect of my larger self, not necessarily just the ego or the subjective experiencer.

this is not something that taking a mood stabilizer is doing for me; i want to make that clear. however, Lamictal seems to keep me from slipping into inertia, hopelessness, and despair on a regular basis, and that gives me access to the wherewithal and mental capacity to do the above work well and consistently.

i am busy at work and getting paid enough to put some cash away. the work is marginally challenging, and i can goof off about 50% of the time. school is finally interesting - critical thinking and essay writing, the latter of which will probably encourage me to write in here more. i am writing a lot of poems.

what i'm most excited about is my new partner in crime in eric alleman. he's incredibly motivated and just what i need to kick-start my takeover of the cleveland poetry scene. also, we will be making books and stencils together; circle of blood has been so long in coming that i feel as though i need to stop talking about it (this thing i'm going to do, that i should do) and just do something - so more CDs and a few smaller books coming very very soon. writing a lot, poised to do even more.

i really want to do mushrooms soon, and that is all.

king cleveland rebooted


steveg said...

Andy just told me about yr blog. Your honesty is a blessing. We have more in common than I could have ever imagined. Yup, I'm a depressive on meds too. Bet you never suspected. I'll call you so we can tete-a-tete. I'm so happy yr doing something to handle it.

Luv you and free hugs.

Tim said...

welcome back to earth, your majesty. i think a series of dates are in order - there is a baby for you to see, some carmentim time, and i want mushrooms too.



Phillip said...

getting to work today I guess. Yawn. Finally I'll reclaim the freedom to end your life in your sleep if I so choose. I can't wait.

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