just a reminder for myself: the next blog entry of any length will be concerning the romanticizing of mental illness, its history and the circumstances that proceed from it. thanks to Susan for suggesting this topic, as i think it has a lot to do with my own personal experience as well as the larger discussion around depression. i also want to do one specifically on how depression has affected my writing and vice versa.

on an unrelated note, i agree with William Styron when he says that depression is a "wimp of a word" to describe such a serious condition.

lastly, Slate.com is a really neat website, and i'm going to try to link to more original sources that are NOT Wikipedia.

goodnight and godspeed.

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Phillip said...

Be careful about giving stronger words to things, right? I mean, if depression is this bad now, how bad would it be if it was 'ULTRA MEGA DEPRESSION'? (shh. It is legend.)