Anonymous said...

Wait. Was Tip 4 even a tip or just a statement of fact?

His Majesty King Mob said...

i think that was supposed to be the joke in that segment. "here's some great advice i got about depression," except for not one of them is good advice or even properly advice.

Tim said...

i have nothing terribly important to say, but i felt compelled to voice the fact that i thought that was great.

elly_or_esther said...

Hey Carmen, I just wanted to say that Phil told me about your blog and that I read some of it and will continue to read. I think I've tried to write about depression before, but it's always turned into this self-pity post where all I do is feel bad about myself and isolated. Part of me feels like I've wasted so much of my life not really looking at who I am as a whole and instead have been defining myself by aspects of myself. Anyways, just saying saying hello!

His Majesty King Mob said...

tim, thanks for stopping by. it's always nice (read: soothing to my inflamed ego) to know i have an audience of friends.

e_or_e, i am always glad to hear from you and i hope you like my blog.

i am trying to steer away from self-pity, which is a common theme in my previous blogs, and just trying to be as straightforward as possible, even if it is about such tricky, subjective things as emotions and states of mind.

strangely enough, writing about depression has been easy so far, and i haven't felt the urge to whine or complain. maybe this could work for you too? if there are negative thoughts and emotions, just write them down in as simple a way as possible and let them stand on their own, then move on to the next thing. maybe later you'll be able to look back on them and see that negative emotions aren't ridiculous, but often based on ridiculous pretenses. for example, if write today "i feel like a big fat pile of dog shit" and come back to it a week or month later when i'm feeling better about myself, then maybe i can see that 1) i won't always feel this way, that emotions and attitudes are extremely changeable and not concrete facts about the universe, and 2) certain habits of thinking, like self-deprecation, are often (in my case at least) based on faulty logic gleaned from inadequate evidence, and maybe i should try to catch the faulty logic next time instead of letting it spiral down into abysmal self-loathing.

that's my hypothesis, anyway. i haven't tested it yet. keep checking back for more very scientific studies.

it's hard to differentiate between the "self as a whole" and the "aspects." are they different? i don't know if they are. i do know that i want to figure out what is "intrinsic" to "me," if anything, whatever that means.

His Majesty King Mob said...

additionally, i think the last one is probably the best advice.